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This new page is for information you are willing to share about your life and family. It's especially important to put something here if you haven't been to a reunion recently. We want to know about you and your life. Many of us are retiring and new stuff is happening to us! I've put my example here to show about how much and what to say in your article.
Please use email----Pictures welcome!

Dick and Lyn Byard (Sedenka)
Dick and I live 10 mi north of the Quad Cities, in IA. Our property is on a small lake in a neighborhood of 38 homes.  We  have a party deck, boats (paddle, flat bottom, kayac) and a sand beach.  I LOVE to float the lake on a plastic raft with friends. We've been here 16 years and love it--so peaceful, but lots of social too.
Being partially retired is great, working out of our home selling balloon decor and material handling equipment keeps us in fun money.   My husband and I play lots and lots of tennis--he also hunts and I do a multitude of interests (A.D.D. we joke).  Our two daughters are out seeking their fortunes.  We have 2 grandsons who live in the Chicago area.

We recently bought a new travel trailer and are planning to quit giving our money to MX and other foreign countries, and start seeing the USA!! Life is good!


John and Becky Blair

I’ve shifted from the Australian Bush to the Australian Capital, where I now pastor one of the oldest Uniting Churches in Canberra. I miss not having the Church’s Cessna 182 to fly around in, but we’re enjoying more concerts, and museums, etc.

May I refer you to google  “Rev. John C. Blair Flying Padre”  and there read a transcript of an Australian Broadcasting Company video done a couple of years ago?   The new padre started there just a couple of months ago, and is enjoying the “wetness” of the outback, while we had 8 years of the worst drought in one hundred years!  All dust and dreary!  Lucky him!  We miss it—I certainly miss the flying.



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