------Class of 1965

Those Present at the Reunion


Jim Gray, Ken Glaus, Chuck Klima, Ed Nelson, Gene Hamilton, Jon Read, Mike Franklin,
Jim McLaughlin, John Myers, Rod Dunnick, Bob Severson, Greg Sieh, Steve Rice, Mike Koury,
Bill Swim, Bob Chiafos, John Packwood, Ron Salome, Steve DeMarrais, Al Carr, Bob Talley,
Bill Armstrong, Pam Cornwall and Sandy Adams Jim Ashley, Kris Kinkead, Roger Riggins, Dave Galbraith, Bob Hampton, Bill Long, Sally Novak, Lyn Sedenka, Ted Hootman, Elaina Baird,
Carol Maudsley, Sue Hinkhouse, Shirley Sperry, Linda Hoover, Teed Welch, Bill Schindler, David Downing, Jo ann Fulkerson, Connie Krebs, Betty Woolfolk, Kris Petersmith, Tracy Glass, Dixie Barr,
Ann Hamilton, John McManus Judy Thomas, Diane Rapoport, Rosie Sailer, Marie Gruenwald,
Cynthia Oltmann, Barbara Nixon, Arlinda Thoren, Andy Duckwall, Francie Smith, Kevin Blair,
Suzanne Wyckoff, Sam Bakke, Sharon Hepker, Dan Peden, Dennis Brown, Tom Wortman,
Dave Worthen, Bev Davis, Vernetta Miner, Linda Cook, Pat Murray, Cheryl Church, Linda McDaniel, Penny Cooling, Pat Zimmerman, Martha Ely, Diane Pankey, Micki Graham, Joanne Rice,
Pat Mulvany, Nancy Badger, Lisa Van Nostrand, Kathi Gorsuch, Judy McClure, Mary Nimmer,
Mary Willia, Rich Mathis, John Heriford, Joyce Elrod, Carolyn Moes, Al Cameron, Rex Smith,
Liz Pickford, Dana Bell, Michael Pierrot, Pam Fletcher, Linda McKim, Sylvia Kinkead, Tom St Clair, Tom Owens, Lee Grover, Scott Barry, Jim Claasen, Mike Hardesty, George Lucas, Mike Wathan, Duane Williams, Jane Cherry, Carol Thede

If you happened to have missed the 40th reunion this summer, you can catch up with some of your friends here on the official WHS Class of 1965 web site! The weekend was a lot of fun and name-tag reading! Not sure if the faces changed or the mental capacity to remember faces changed, but we were all trying to find out who was who!

Judy Thomas and Husband Joe Fries

Nancy Badger, Diane Rapaport, Sally Novak

The maid rite party at Squaw Creek Golf Club was fun. We hung around and visited with all our old buddies reminiscing the good old days at Wash. The food came out and everybody ate at picnic tables inside and out. The music playing had us all back in time bopping to the oldies. After our meal, the entertainment was lining up by elementary schools for pictures. That was a hoot as we laughed and poked fun at each other! You can see the pictures of this event at the photo section of this site. A nice memorial board of our deceased warriors was displayed on the fireplace mantle for all to think about. Judy and her husband and crew hustled around fixing, placing, polishing and serving. Thank you soooo much Judy for a wonderful reunion Friday!

Terri Skaff, Carol Thede

From left Patty Mulvany,Nancy Badger, JoAnn Rice,
Rod Dunnick, Bill Long

Saturday night, held at the CR Country Club was a great time too. Everybody in their church clothes and more! Lots of cameras snapped and lights flashed as we tried to capture our HS classmates one more time-this time dressed up. The food was out of this world as was the company. Needless to say, we all broke our diets as we heaped our plates full of gourmet food, several selections of each course!!! At 8:00 pm, Cathy Nassif presented an awesome 45 min program with speakers from our class and a slide show of important Washington High School memorabilia. Wow, what a SUPER time. Photos on the photo pages.

From left-John Heriford, Betty Woolfolk, Kathie Gorsuch,
Connie Krebs, Sam Bakke, Lynda Sedenka, Dana Bell,
Tracy Dvorak

Linda Ott, Marie Grunewald, Rosy Sailor

Such Good lookin People!
From the 40th Reunion!! Squaw Creek Picnic Friday Night

bob and chuck
Bob Severson, Chuck Klima
JoAnn Fulkerson, Kathie Gorsuch, Lynda Sedenka, John Heriford,
Betty Woolfolk, Chuck Klima, Tracy Glass
Dana Bell, Kathie Gorsuch, Connie Krebs,
Pam CornwallLiz Pickford
Patty Mulvany, Nancy Badger, JoAnn Rice, Rodney Dunnick, Bill Long
Lynda Sedenka, Pat Murray, Linda Hoover,
Sue Hinkhouse
al cameron
Al Cameron
Michael Pierrot, Cynthia Oltmann
rex and steve
Rex Smith, Steve Rice
Tom Wortman, Mary Nimmer
Lynda Sedenka, Sandy Adams, Dana Bell
Barb and Jane
Barb Nixon, Jane Cherry
John and Phil
John McManus, Phill Haddy

Cathy and peggy
Cathy Nassif, Peggy Hardesty

Mary willia
Suzanne Wykoff, Mary Willia

Elementary School Pics

Erskine Elem
Erskine Elementary School

Jackson Elementary School


Johnson Elementary School


Johnson elem
Arthur Elementary School


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